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How to get someone else to clean your whole place and enjoy it

August 24, 2010
Last week we bought a new “old” vacuum cleaner at a yard-sale. It is one of those vacuum cleaners that kind of looks like an over-sized sneaker. It is called Eureka and I bargained it down from $10 to $7 so how bad could we really go. And it is hard to justify spending a ton on a vacuum cleaner for a place smaller than most suburbia living rooms.
Turns out that Mario, who has never been a very big supporter of vacuuming – claiming that he has never realized what is wrong with sweeping with a little random vacuuming here and there – since our place is so small anyway (in my mind there is nothing wrong with sweeping besides that what it mainly does seems to be rearranging the dust), apparently seemed to view this new sucking wonder as a toy not all that different from a new Playstation 3 or brand new iPhone.
I was not late to capitalize on this and soon enough Mario was vacuuming every corner of the apartment! I do have to admit that this vacuum cleaner is close to worthy of its name – just about anything in sight goes into its jaws of suctional power – sure can’t blame Aycha for trying to get on top of the book-cases out of fear from ending up on the inside of this high-volume cleaning wonder.
I left Mario to play with his new toy and I can’t ever recall I have seen our place this spanking clean – up and down the curtains, behind the flower pots, underneath bookcases where I’d be nervous knowing what may have been, every leaf of every plant – I mean the bubble boy could move move in here. I am making food and we are having dinner on the floor now – we’d be afraid to dirty the kitchen seats.

Any other suggestions to get your partners so swanky up the whole place? 

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  1. August 24, 2010 2:14 pm

    Where are good flea markets in New York City?

  2. August 24, 2010 4:01 pm

    We have a Roomba so neither of us have to do any vacuuming. It runs on its own. While it costs a bit more than $7, not having to vacuum our entire apartment makes it worth it.

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