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Where do you keep your music?

August 26, 2010

Once upon a time before Spotify, iTunes and youtube – people – or at least I – bought CDs. And now I am left with a ridiculous amount of CDs that need to be put somewhere. So the big question then is – where is that somewhere?

I wanted something accessible and something where I would not have to fuzz too much, and preferably not having to match up a CD with its case again after I had taken it out as I just knew that is not very likely to happen. So…

Solution number one

This was my CD storage up to about a week ago. I thought these were very smart and I could put all my CDs in a nice alphabetical order. Of course, every time I got a new CD everything had to be rearranged if I had not remembered to leave a pocket empty, which mostly I had not. Also, I could never find a place for these humongous binders. They weigh a bit after you fill them up and if I put them in the book case they usually fall out because they are too flimsy and too heavy.

Solution number two
Vintage suitcase. Pretty nifty. I filled this one up with the CDs and was very pleased when I was done. But then it turned out the suitcase was about a millionth of an inch too big to slide underneath the sofa, which is where I wanted it. I had to slightly lift the sofa every time I needed to get my Bob Dylan or Mana out of there. Eventually that just became too much for me. I think when Mario complained that we had listened to the same music for 8 days straight I realized something had to be done.

Solution number three
I went and bought just about all the CD sleeves I could get at Best Buy. Given the amount I paid for these I could have probably gotten myself some really nice music instead – with a stereo system. Needless to say the amount I got was not nearly enough. That’s when it was time to hit my local 99 cent store. There I paid a fraction of 12 times as many sleeves as I had paid at Best Buy.

Each CD went into a sleeve and was sorted into one of very few categories. I separated the categories with cardboards and stuck it all in a drawer in my dresser. Now this I like. I can easily get to whatever I want and easily put it back. No more matching up the case with the CD either.

Of course, I had to empty out one full drawer of clothes that I am now not sure where to put. Maybe the vintage suitcase… 

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