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Some fun with a touch if whimsy

August 30, 2010
I feel interior design can get a little bit too serious at times so I do what I can do stray away from that. Not too hard when most of it is on a budget. So if someone gets a little inspired or get a laughter out of my interiors I feel I have succeeded.

I got the nun many years ago in Peru and when I was in Argentina I came across the monk and figured they were made for each other. She now looks a lot happier to me.

Below, my penguin stands on top of a frame that holds a quote that reads “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail” – he is pointing at a scroll next to this frame written in Mandarin. You will only notice him if you go up close.

I picked up these cars while traveling – I really like the one with the guy hanging out of the hood – and then I got this coconut juice vending guy and together they all made a good road side stop

And on the topic of cars – this little guy is sort of permanently parked underneath one of my chairs
This is an old picture and I no longer have this set up. The guys on top are the Indian God Ganesh playing a variety of instruments. I drew a few notes and a g-clave on the wall so at least they knew what they were playing…
I had these little tiny chairs for ever – they are originally buttons picked up in some art store. I don’t see myself using them as buttons so they now make a seating arrangement on top of this picture in case a little elf should come along…

See full size image

As always I love to hear what you are up to and what makes you smile when you decorate

 – let me know!

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