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How I painted Moroccan tiles on a kitchen shelf

September 3, 2010
  I had these two things: One Moroccan tile. One shelf.

As I had no way to get another tile or two (I had the other one since before), which would have looked nice on top there was nothing left to but to simply paint my on tiles.

At the Home Depot they can match most colors. Said and done I walked out with one sample size of Behr’s cloudless and another with Cerulean blue. I then copied the tile to paper in a copy machine – slighter larger as the shelf was slightly wider and then simply cut out parts of what I needed.

One layer of Cerulean blue did not look anything I had in mind since yours truly painted the shelf outside on the fire escape and then forgot to take it in when the rain came. I just had to take this shot though, and show you what some acidic rain can do to your paint. I really kind of liked it, but I was not going for that sort of washed out look. A few more layers – painted inside – and I was good to go with my stencils.
Essentially, I just taped the stencils on and painted in side them and around…
…one after the other
The last part was kind of a pain as it was so much details so instead of funegeling too much with the stencils I just painted it in by hand and took a few things out.

A last layer of lacquer to preserve my hard work from the cooking elements and here it is.


And you know what? I don’t think I like it too much. I think it is just a little over the top and a bit too cute. What do you think? I suppose I leave it there for a little while before I decide if I just paint the shelf blue or white. I could always take it out on the fire escape and get that washed out look…

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  1. December 4, 2010 7:22 am

    Really Good Blog of Moroccan tiles.

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