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How I found a good excuse to play with fonts

September 5, 2010
This past weekend Mario and I were strolling down second avenue on the East side of New York City. This area used to be full of artists and creative folks and though it may still be it seems a lot of them have taken their creative stuff somewhere else as the area is now lined with bars and restaurants. But with some luck you can still find some cool stores. I popped into the irresistible Timbuktu – a intersting name for a store specializing in Moroccan goods – but what it lacks in it’s name it certainy makes of for in what it sells. There is not a thing in there I don’t want. On the other hand there is not a thing in there I could afford. But everything sure is gorgeous.

A few side streets further up is a very neat Mexican-and-everything-else-South-and-Latin-American store called La Serena. Ever needed one of those smiling Halloween skeletons they pull out of their closets for All Souls’ Day? Or perhaps a little Frida Kahlo printed on a plastic tot bag. Well – this is the place. 

I was lucky to come across a tiny flea-market on the corner of 7th street and 2nd avenue. A very charming transvestite by the name of Greta and his assistant, an older lady wearing her Sunday best including a 1940’s hat with a net, sold me this gorgeous case for type fonts used in the past.

Did I need this? No. Was it cute – oh yes. So off I walked with this and was then lost in the prospect of figuring out what to use it for.

Well, I recently downloaded some new font so what better opportunity to print some of those out and stick’em in the case. A nail in the wall, a wire on the back of the case and – done. Or so I thought.

Printed out some fun fonts. Can you figure out what it spells?

Then I realized that all of those tiny compartments would actually be ideal for my silly collection of Ecuadorian baskets. 

Why did I ever think I needed about 25 of these? There is an answer to this question but I leave it for another post…

So out went the print outs of different fonts and in went the baskets.

So there.  From type case to basket case – what do you think? Better with the baskets, no? 

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