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Moroccan inspiration for your home

September 9, 2010
Today I have gathered some of my favorite pictures and clippings of Moroccan style and ideas. As you probably know – if you come here regularily – I am a big fun of stencils. Besides adding a personal touch, I feel they can also very much help to create a special feel or atmosphere. So here it goes. The gorgeous shoes above offers great ideas for patterns and colors to use – but the main reason I like this picture is because of the background they are laid out on. I am not sure how that could be re-constructed on another wall but it sure looks good. Any ideas on how to do that?
These little flowers would look great stenciled on a Roman curtain in light fabric. I would blow one flower up and center it and then paint it right on. A very bright pink flower would be fun. Or they could be stenciled as they are to draw attention to a wall in for example a bathroom. What would you do with these?
This one is actually Indian but I like it so much I threw it in here anyway. It sure is a project and a half to stencil but if you copied it in black and white you would get an idea of where the lines go and you could probably pull it off by free-hand. Where would you put this? Maybe one wall in the hallway?

And here is more of a modern take. It looks great with the oranges just trailing down the wall. It is further highlighted with the pillows and a lot of fun. In a sparsely decorated room this would work real well. I, of course, would go ahead and find a spot in there for a real orange tree as well.


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