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How to make Moroccan invitations for a party

September 14, 2010
Because we are doing Moroccan month this month I figured we might as well go ahead and have a Moroccan party – what could be more fun than deck out the whole place with candles, poufs and….camels? Or at least some over-sized pillows. Can I set up a tent in here?

I am not much for evites and regular pre-made invitations. Instead I like to embark on complicated projects where I have a gazillion ideas starting out and somewhere half-through sort of run out of energy – sounds familiar to anyone? So when that happens I usually get Mario and force him to sit down with glue and scissors to finish whatever project I didn’t. Though this time I actually finished the entire project by myself. Maybe as it was not very demanding.
I went on google images and googled for anything Moroccan and came up with a picture of a lantern, a mosque, a hand that wards of evil, a teapot and a mosque.



I then enlarged each image on the computer to the size I wanted the invitation to be and cut them out. Once I had one of each I used them as template to create my invitations on thicker paper that was double folded.
Then I just colored them.
For the actual written part of the invitation I downloaded an Arabic looking font called xxii Arabian Overnight Stand, typed my invitation, which I then printed on regular paper and glued on the inside – and done!
Now I have to put together a Moroccan menu that will consist of more than hummus and falafel and figure out where I can get a camel. Any suggestions?

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