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A few more Moroccan touches for your home

September 18, 2010
Bring in some Moroccan feel by simply copying these idea.
I love this little ball and I think it would be fun to get a foam ball, cover it in fabric and deck in out like this with beads and pretty ribbons.
This one should not be too hard – right? Perfect to make a day when you need to get out some frustration – just bring out the nails. I would add this to a door or to the doorway between two rooms.
Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns – how can you not love these or even the Moorish star that looks like a two dimensional star that exploded.
I am of the opinion that one can never have too many lanterns so I had no problem picking this one up. If you like it you can get it here: Z Galleri.
To re-create this one requires a bit more work I’d say. But if you look closely it is really a simple rectangular cabinet. If you remove the doors and saw out patterns shaped like these it would not be to far off. Everything else can be stenciled in or you could just paint the borders around the edges in a contrasting color and you would have your Moroccan kitchen cabinet.
If you have any other ideas for how to re-create Moroccan – send them in!
Pictures are from the book Morocco by Lisl and Landt Dennis

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