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3 things can you do to make your place nicer in one day

September 19, 2010
Motivational level is key…
My friends sometimes complain that they don’t know where to start with all this design stuff – and how are they supposed to find the time for it anyway – and what if I just came to their house and did it…
So here are a few things you can probably accomplish in a few hours – I guess depending on how motivated you are 🙂
Five dollar bouquet that gets taken apart to spread joy all around the house…
Get yourself flowers! I get myself flowers every week. I usually tell Mario they are for him – but the fact of the matter is that I love flowers and they add so much  – fragrance, color and just looking pretty. If you buy a mixed bouquet you can take it apart and put one flower by your bed, another one in a little glass on your sink in the bathroom – and a small little bunch by your entrance.
Gold leafed handles that did not work with this dresser
Exchange knobs. There are lots of pretty knobs to be had on the internet or even at the Home Depot – just switching the old ones for something prettier creates a new look.


I stuck the knobs in some play dough so they would not fall over while the plaster was drying

In this case I had these knobs I had bought at some thrift store but they missed the metal rod – the part that would go through the wood. I added those by pouring plaster into the knobs. If do this be careful so you don’t get plaster on the actual rods as it will be very hard to get the nuts in properly. I know this one by experience…

New knobs – looks like new dresser. Sort of.
Get new glasses. Not for reading – but for drinking – or perhaps both… I used to drink orange juice out of wine glasses for the longest time because I thought those were nicer than my regular kitchen glasses. Then I came across very colorful glasses in recycled glass and even though they were a little pricey I thought – hey – if I am going to drink water every day it may as well be out of glass I like! There you are – go for it and feel good about yourself – and where you live!
Again – motivational level is kind of what will make this happen. Some of us should maybe just continue
doing what we do best…
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