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Fun Design Tips

  • A lot of things that were meant for the outside, the patio and the garden can look really great inside.
  • To bring in more light sometimes it is a great idea to not use curtains or use very light fabric for curtains. You can also use a pretty scarf or a table mat for small windows. If you hang the curtains higher than the window it will give the impression that the window is larger than it actually is.
  • Only keep what you love or use to avoid filling up your place with clutter. I often think that there may be someone out there who would better appreciate this knitted wool vest that grandma gave me than I do – and by not giving it up I am depriving someone else. Makes it a lot easier to let go of things.
  • When you pick colors for a room it usually works out better if you stick to either cold or warm colors.
  • Mix your furniture up so you don’t only have pieces with very angular and sharp edges but also furniture with rounder and curvier shapes.
  • Just changing the fabric on pillows can make big changes in a room – in the winter time I sometimes like to add darker and warmer colors to make it cozier and in the summer time I go lighter.
  • Add art work in groupings but if you have one piece you really want to pop put hang it alone
  • Try to think of alternative ways of using your things. I cute glass could be a vase a painted crate could be a shelf in a small space, a basket may be the perfect place to store napkins or silverwares.
  • Forget about trends and fashion and make your place a reflection of you instead of what other people dictate.
  • Add legs to a platform bed on the floor. Furniture that allow air to flow below them usually adds a lighter feel to a room.
  • Pull your furniture out from the walls.
  • Use lots and lots and lots of candles
  • Hang pretty necklaces on door knobs and drawer handles or let a little statue wear it.
  • Write things you like on your walls like quotes and songs.
  • Add stencils to your floors or paint a diamond pattern or stripes.
  • Open your window wide open every day for at leas ten minutes to let new air in.
  • Use lights around the room instead of lights from the ceiling. It creates a more pleasant atmosphere.
  • Get organized and enjoy all the extra space.
  • Display in uneven numbers.
  • Buy yourself flowers. Often.
  • Keep a flower on your bathroom sink in a little vase.
  • Blow up and display pictures you took or painted.
  • Write on your mirrors.
  • Break all the rules and have fun with your design.
  • Don’t be afraid to use paint – you can always paint it over.
  • Try out spraypaint. It can do some pretty good work.
  • Stencil something you like such as a song, a quote or a saying in a nook or a small wall.
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