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Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse

I very much like to repurpose things. An old crate becomes a towel holder, a glass jar turns into a lamp and an old soup carafe become a flower pot.

But sometimes you just can’t figure out how to use something or you simply don’t need it. For those times I have compiled this list of organization that gladly take your unwanted treasure. If you come across another one that you don’t see here, please forward me their name and web address so we can add it to the list.

One of my favorites is where I have gotten softwares for free as well as a bed and Indian clothing. I have also given away bags, a futon mattress and furniture I did not need. It is great for the community, great for nature and great for you – a win-win-win.

Places to donate and recycle: – All of those books you been meaning to read but never get around to – send them to Africa – They take unwanted items and match them with a non-for-profit in your area – Donate your suits to low-income women so that they can get and maintain a job – They’ll sell your old DVD, books and current software – put up anything you want to get rid off on their website to or request anything you would like! – Has over 3000 drop off spots and they’ll take most things – You can drop off furniture you don’t want at their locations around the country

Humane Society – – Donate leashes, bowls and cages to pets waiting to get adopted – They’ll take your old glasses – They can reuse the rubber and foam for basketball courts and soccer fields when you give them your old sneakers – Give your old cell and this organization distributes it to elderly or people victimized by hurricane Katrina – Donate your miles to aids workers and volunteers – They’ll take your old sink or cabinets

Salvation army – 1800-958-7825 – They’ll pick up your bags of used clothing as long as yo have minimally five – Donate your old computer, printer or modem to this cool organization that will schedule a time to pick it up – Give your old footwear to people in need – Donate your old bag-packs, duffels or suitcases for kids in foster care and cover shipping and pay for your phone to get shipped to those in need – Send your old glasses and they’ll send them to Africa, Asia or Latin America – Donate your time! You can do anything from web designs to translating documents for immigrants

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