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The three pictures I submitted to an Interior Design Contest

September 15, 2010

I submitted our apartment to a ‘Creative Design Contest” yesterday and I have until September 15th (yup – that’s today folks) to get 50 votes in order to move on to finals. So far I am up to 27 votes so if you’d go and vote for me that would be awesome!

This is the link:

And type in: My Global Oasis in New York City

And what did I send in – with the requirements that the pictures and photographs showed creativity, I submitted this:

Can you figure out how this picture was shot? The larger part on the left is actually a mirror reflecting what is in it. The right part is straight from the mirror.

This one is obviously shot very close to the floor showing part of the bedroom
And this one shows some fertility women I got in Ecuador and those little purple “wheels” in the back
are hand-made tiny little baskets!
I’ll let you know what happens with the contest – again – it ends on September 15th at 11.59pm so hurry up and vote 🙂

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